The most powerful self-development book ever written.

The songs King David wrote to guide his life’s journey contain the tools you need to succeed on your own.

Discover 150 models of how to grow and connect to Hashem in every situation with Mrs. Rivka Segal. 

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The Living Tehillim Book Series

Understand the meaning and depth contained within the Tehillim you say. Gain strength, direction and clarity as you apply the messages to your daily life.

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Reveal the guide to achieving your potential waiting in each song of Tehillim. 


Connect to the inspiration of Tehillim, one verse at a time. A few minutes to watch; a day filled with positive energy.

Mrs. Rivka Segal is a master teacher. She combines an unusual grasp of Tehillim with her trademark creativity to produce a masterful presentation. The excitement and energy she exudes to impart life lessons are contagious.

Rebbetzin E. Rosenbaum

Women’s Institute of Torah Seminary & College

The class on Tehillim 81 took a perek I had said countless times in my life and turned it into a spotlight on the challenges of Klal Yisroel today. It became the focus of my tefillos on Rosh Hashanah, perfectly expressing what I wanted to say to Hashem.

Aviva Blumstein

Tel Tzion, Israel

Rivka Segal’s enthusiasm and creativity make every class a treat, and she has a special talent to get into the inner meaning of the Tehillim and apply it to real life.

Vivienne Chaya Frank

Lecturer on Torahanytime.com