The Power of Tehillim

We know Tehillim as the book we reach for whenever we seek to ask Hashem for help. But Tehillim is far, far more than just words that we say.

Tehillim is the most powerful self-development book ever written, encompassing every human experience: deep sadness and intense joy, battles with physical and spiritual adversaries and parades of triumph, paralyzing fear and enveloping security, consuming self-doubt and uplifting confidence, demeaning rejection and overflowing gratitude.

Dovid HaMelech composed the songs of Tehillim as he worked on his personal, emotional, and spiritual development. He wrote these songs to help himself grow – and then he gave them to us, to help us grow.

When we understand how to live Tehillim, how to make the songs of Tehillim our songs, the results are transformative.

Tehillim is the key to changing our lives and changing the world. The Living Tehillim books, videos and classes are here to put that key into your hands.

Come Learn with Us

The Living Tehillim Book Series

Understand the meaning and depth contained within the Tehillim you say. Gain strength, direction and clarity as you apply the messages to your daily life.

Online Classes

Reveal the guide to achieving your potential waiting in each song of Tehillim.                                                                                                  


Connect to the inspiration of Tehillim, one verse at a time. A few minutes to watch; a day filled with positive energy.

Mrs. Rivka Segal leads you through each perek in Tehillim in her dynamic style and brings you to the other side feeling enthusiastic and eager to daven.

Judy Paiken

Director, Bais Medrash of Tzfat

Mrs. Rivka Segal's outstanding ability to share well researched and elucidated thoughts on Sefer Tehillim, in a manner specifically relevant to the individual in our times, is both unique and inspiring.

Selma H. Elzas

Toronto, Canada

For days after the Living Tehillim class, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Mrs. Rivka Segal’s words gave me a powerful impetus for my own reflection of how the pesukim apply to my life and my personal growth.

Aviva Blumstein

Tel Tzion, Israel