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Join us as we use the commentaries to delve into the words of Tehillim and discover how you can find yourself in the songs of Tehillim

You have such a valuable gift to give Klal Yisroel – just by being the best ‘you’. Our lives are so busy, however, that it’s often hard to carve out time to focus on our self-development.

Our goal is to use Tehillim to help you make the journey of achieving your potential a daily reality.

Join women from across the world as we explore and interpret the text through the eyes of King David. A new song of Tehillim is presented in each class. The words of the Tehillim that we learn will empower you and stay with you forever.

Tehillim: The Songs of Torah 2- An 8 week series from
Dec 17, 2023- Feb 11, 2024 (with 1 week break TBD)

Classes will be offered on Sunday mornings at 10:30 EST through Zoom.
Recordings of the classes will be sent out on the same day.
Join us for a unique way to unveil the treasure of Parshat Hashavua. Each week, we will explore a different song of Tehillim that connects to the upcoming Parsha and we will discover how the powerful words of King David inspire us to harmonize the themes and messages of the Torah with our lives.

Cost for 8 sessions: $120

Now Available: The Tehillim 119 Video Series

The Aleph Beis is not merely the Hebrew ABC. Our Sages teach us that the Hebrew letters are the spiritual elements with which Hashem created the universe- from the galaxies to each human being. Understanding the letters' depth opens up a deep appreciation of the world around us and the world inside us.

The monumental Tehillim 119 explores the intersection and interaction between those worlds. As the song moves through the order of the Aleph-Bet, the verses describe the energy of being in the "place" of that letter, and give guidance on how to grow from within that place. At the same time, the thoughts and aspirations expressed in the verses are very personal. In Tehillim 119, King David composed guidance for a journey through life- for every stage and situation.

Journey with Mrs. Rivka Segal through Tehillim 119 and the Aleph Beis and explore the different mental places, emotional phases and spiritual states we encounter in life. Using journaling we will identify where we are on a personal path of growth at any given moment, as well as the specific tools to use in that situation to move ourselves forward.

Length: app. 60-75 minutes per session
This exclusive package comes with 22 one hour video shiurim, class summaries which will be emailed to you, and a beautiful companion workbook which will be sent to you by regular mail at no additional charge.
I have been a student of Mrs. Segal's for over 7 years. Her classes continue to be a most cherished highlight of my week.

Selma H. Elzas

Toronto, Canada

Mrs. Rivka Segal's Living Tehillim lectures were a lifesaver to me during my recuperation from a spinal cord injury. I listened to her audio recordings daily. They were inspiring and gave me the strength to cope and make it through the day.

Edie Goldman

New York

Mrs. Rivka Segal leads you through each perek in Tehillim in her dynamic style and brings you to the other side feeling enthusiastic and eager to daven. Even with the restraints of Zoom, she breaks down the boxes and reaches beyond to touch us all.

Judy Paiken

Director, Bas Medrash of Tzfat

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