The Living Tehillim Book Series

Find personal and practical direction in the songs of Tehillim

Tehillim is not meant just to be said. Tehillim is meant to be lived.

But connecting to Tehillim’s messages and their personal and practical applications can be a real challenge.

The Living Tehillim book series, based on years of Rivka Segal’s Living Tehillim classes, is our partner and guide in making the songs of Tehillim into our songs.

Written with the help of bestselling author Dr. Lisa Aiken, Living Tehillim enables us to understand the inherent meaning in these songs and use them to empower ourselves as we face our own challenges and grow to be the people we can be.

We are presently working on completing all of Tehillim to be published as a five-part series
Living Tehillim, Volume 1: Chapters 1-30

Understand the meaning and depth contained within the Tehillim you say. Gain strength, direction and clarity as you apply the messages to your daily life. Includes an Introduction to the entire book of Tehillim.

Publisher: Mosaica Press
Price: $25, plus shipping
Living Tehillim, Volume 4: Chapters 90-118

Deepen your Shabbos and Yom Tov experiences with Volume 4 of Living Tehillim, containing the mizmorim of Hallel, Kabbalos Shabbos, Barchi Nafshi, Mizmor L’Todah and more! Learn how to take advantage of the unique opportunity for closeness to G-d presented by each of these special, holy occasions.

Publisher: Mosaica Press
Price: $25, plus shipping

Make a Dedication in a Living Tehillim book

Make a spiritual impact on a global level. Help bring the inspiration of Tehillim to others.

I had long hoped that Mrs. Segal would put her wonderful classes into a more permanent written form. Baruch Hashem, she has finally done so… This is a book of true inspiration.

Rabbi Yitzchak Breitowitz

Rav, Kehillat Ohr Samayach, Jerusalem

Mrs. Segal explains Tehillim in a way that you truly are able to feel it and understand it. I am not the most observant Jew, yet this book has and continues to bring such depth, hope, meaning and understanding to what I am saying in Tehillim.


Atlanta, GA

Mrs. Rivka Segal’s book makes you feel she is teaching you Tehillim personally, with the most salient points brought out in depth, then made practical in a way that you can apply the lesson directly to your own life. It is truly a work of art!